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Herman Jones is a mild-mannered boy who has spent most of his youth in his bedroom fixing up old T.V.'s and other electronics, fighting for his place in his predominantly outdoor family. It was no surprise to those who knew Herman, that he got a full college scholarship to the School of Mines in South Dakota where he meets his first and only love. Joan is a Psychology major and they marry soon after college. They move to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and start their life—a good life at first—but something is slithering underneath it all. Joan seems to turn—turn into something that she has studied and vowed to help. The marriage starts to dwindle, and Joan seems to be spending more time at work than she is at home. Weird things pop up in and around the marriage that Herman can’t explain and then the unspeakable happens: Herman catches Joan doing something that he would have never believed could ever happen in their relationship. Herman loses it, and in a rage, escapes to a cabin for a couple of days to cool off. While at the cabin in the middle of a bad snow storm, something eerie happens. The large fireplace that was just roaring with a fire disappears and a doorway slides in its place. After mustering up the courage, he enters the door, and is truly horrified to hear the muffled screams coming up from down the cement steps. Slow courage sets in as he slowly descends his way to a light source at the bottom of the stairs and finds something so horrifying that even he can’t believe is happening. Find out what happens to Herman Jones. Does he make it out of The Cabin alive—or does something else happen to him?

​In this short, psychological thriller, Brad Johnson is having nightmares or is he waking up buried memories? While at work as a home inspector, Johnson finds a body beneath an old farm house.  Scared and nervous that he won’t be believed, he decides to find the killer himself and then report it to authorities.

Not long after, Sheriff’s Investigator Nick Marcus discovers the freshly moved body and begins his own hunt for the killer. Who gets to “The Truth” first, Nick or Brad? Fasten your seatbelt as you read this fast moving thriller and prepare to be blown away. 

Book one of the Greg Dorn Series
The Test opens in what appears to be a hospital room where a patient is being injected with some sort of fluid. In the next scene, Greg, a 17-year-old living in the small town of Parsons, Kansas, is devastated when he loses his mother and sister in a horrific car accident caused by an escaped mental patient.

To put behind him the desolation and loss he feels, Greg becomes a cop and he is good at it. During this time, life begins to turn around for him: he falls in love and marries Mica, and finds a renewed passion for life. The family moves to Denver and Greg takes a job as a police officer there.

As Greg works the mean streets of Denver, a dark feeling inside of him begins to bubble up. This unexplained thing, which he tries to keep buried, erupts with full force and with some deep dark strength, it now controls him.

Greg becomes obsessively driven by this inner voice which is telling him to go out and kill. First it is road-rage drivers, then anyone whose looks he doesn’t like. Unable to control the voice and the urges, he cannot help alienating his wife and daughter, who eventually leave him and move back to Kansas. Greg begins screwing up at work on the force and increasingly getting into arguments. One black night out on a job, he ends up cornered by his own officers and is shot. Evil has been conquered…or has it all just been a test?




The Ultimate Killing Machine or Something Else?


In this second book in the Greg Dorn Series, Denver police officer Dorn wakes up one day to discover he is handcuffed to a bed in a quasi-medical facility recovering from some serious wounds. He is in severe pain and has no memory of how he got there. As his memory slowly returns, Dorn is obsessed with getting home to his wife and daughter but finds he is being held captive. He discovers that someone, somehow has tampered with his identity—and his head. He is now being prepped by his captor to become a “soldier” in a killing scheme intended to eradicate the enemy. “The General” fails to realize the extent to which he has perfected his new killing machine. Using his new skills, Greg escapes, jumps on a cargo train and heads home…but his homecoming is nothing like he expected.

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