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My name is B. A. Sherman (sounds more author-esque) but you can call me Brad. I have two wonderful kids, Zach and Sophia. I live in the great state of Colorado basking in the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains.  Aside from the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, I also love that the insect population is low and the humidity levels are even lower.  That certainly was not the case in rural Nebraska where I grew up.  Although there are things from there that I miss: watching storms roll in off the broad expanse of the plains, the sense of celebration that is community-wide after harvest and the love and respect that those small towns have for their community servants, in particular, officers of the law.  Yep, no surprise, I've been in law enforcement for 27 years.  As you read more of my writing,  you will find that much of my inspiration comes from past actual events that I've brought back to life with a heaping spoonful of fiction. 


Thank you for visiting and Happy Reading!


B. A. Sherman


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